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Business Plans

Economikr provides a diverse range of business plans that include in-depth research, market analysis, economic evaluation and surveys. Our business plans clearly present a set of business goals, the reasons why we believe they are attainable, and the plan for attaining these goals. We pay careful attention to targeting changes in perception by the client, particularly in government-funded projects and in other studies that will affect the community at large. We specialize in both short and long term business plans, with a focus on projects where the existing business is to assume a major change or has plans future ventures. 


Economikr’s business plans are the result of our comprehensive project research. We carefully and skillfully identify a variety of realistic options for achieving intended outcomes, and rigorously examine the costs, risks, benefits and feasibility of each to deliver a viable and achievable plan. 

 Sample Projects

Business Plan for EER, an Israeli Waste Treatment Company

One of Israel’s leading waste treatment firms, EER holds a patented technology for the treatment of three distinct types of waste: Municipal Solid Waste, Medical Waste, and Light and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste. The company produces a type of renewable energy valid for ROCs (Renewables Obligation Certificate). EER’s business plan included developing an economic model of electricity sales figures derived from renewable sources and ROCs income. This project was performed under the auspices of Economic Models Ltd.

Business Plan for Waterways, an Israeli Water Conservation Company

The Waterways business plan, developed for a local water conservation company, included the evaluation of several projects based on size, implemented technology (e.g., flow control devices, gray water), and estimating the preferred scheduling required to implement each project. This model has been applied to retirement homes, hotels, and military projects.


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