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Economikr takes economic principles and models and implements them in computer software in a majority of its projects. These software programs include standalone software, network software, and web-based software. In many of these software, GIS (Geographical Information Systems) have been prominently used, using both ESRI and Mapinfo software packages, and their applied programming objects as used in various programming environments, such as Visual Basic, and .NET.


Moreover, Economikr is well-versed in using industry-specific software tools, including (listed alphabetically): 

aaSidra – an advanced traffic evaluation tool (now known as SIDRA TRIP) and is especially valuable in estimating vehicle operating costs and user costs, as a result of speed changes, idling times and additional factors in an urban environment. Built by Akcelik and Associates, an Australian-based firm. 


DETOUR (Deterioration of Unpaved Roads) – This Excel-based World Bank model was built by Rural Transport Thematic Group, and presents the HDM-4 deterioration curves for unpaved roads in a user-friendly format. 


HCS (Highway Capacity Software)  - this software implements the procedures of the Highway Capacity Manual for analyzing capacity and evaluating the LOS (Level of Service) for streets, highways and intersections of various configurations. Built by the Center of Microcomputers in Transportation (McTrans). 


HDM (Highway Design and Maintenance Model) – a leading software program, built by the World Bank, widely utilized around the globe. Can be used both for single-project economic analysis, and also as a pavement management system. Economikr holds the prestigious Train-the-Trainers certificate for HDM-4 from the University of Birmingham.


RED (Road Economic Decision Model) – This Excel-based software program was developed by the Sub-Saharan African Transport Program (SSATP). RED is capable of performing a single-project evaluation, with up to 3 distinct alternatives. Its data requirements are much smaller than those of HDM, and is widely utilized both in Africa and Latin America. 


TREDIS (Transportation Economic Development Impact System) – Developed by EDR Group, TREDIS is widely considered as a leading tool for estimating economic development impacts in transportation projects, including effects in GDP, jobs and wages. TREDIS is a very flexible web-based program, deals with all modes of transport, and can be used for benefit/cost analysis, prioritization, and economic impact analysis.


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