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Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis focuses on the collection, organization, sampling and interpretation of data. Incorporated into a majority of our economic evaluation projects, statistical analysis includes distribution analysis, multi-variable regressions, and confidence intervals. 


Economikr is well-versed in its approach to statistical analysis, with a broad understanding of mathematics and statistical theory, and uses statistical software packages such as SPSS, eViews, TSP, and Gauss. We work closely with our clients at the national and regional levels to analyze, formulate and evaluate project data that translates into innovation and commercial success. Recently, Economikr has been working on a statistical sampling and analysis project in Brazil for DNIT (the National Department of Transport Infrastructures), located in Brasilia.

Calibration of HDM-4 Deterioration Curves to the Brasilian Reality

This world-class project (of which only 9 have been performed since the early 1970's) utilizes statistical analysis, sampling and regression techniques for calibration the World Bank's HDM-4 model to the Brasilian reality. Economikr's work on this project included statistical sampling of the Brasilian Federal Road Network to select roads which represent the network, collecting engineering and traffic data on them for 5 years, and calibrating regressions to them, using HDM-4 formulas. Peformed for DNIT (National Department of Tranpsort Infrastructures) in Brasilia, and the World Bank. 

SHRP2 - Developing Methodology for Measuring Economic Impacts from Transport Projects

Performed in conjunction with the US SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program), this project, referred to as SHRP2, was based on the economic impacts from transport projects, with a particular emphasis on roads. Impacts were estimated from a selection of 100 projects, using regression and other forms of statistical analyses (e.g., confidence intervals and ANOVA - Analysis of Variance). 

Estimating Future Market Share of Transport Modes in Israel

This economic evaluation project, performed for Economic Models Ltd., covered the various modes of transportation available in Israel. The project included regression analysis, motorization levels, historical growth of VKT (Vehicle Kilometers Travelled), competition between public transport carriers, future expansions in the railway structure, and other variables within a 10-year period. 

Estimating Pricing of Oil Refinery Products

Performed under subcontract to Economic Models Ltd. for the Israel Oil Refineries Company, this project included using regressions to estimate prices and market share of various types of crude oil and the extraction of different oil-based products.


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