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Noble Energy

Noble Energy, Inc. is a leading independent energy company with a diverse portfolio of high-quality assets, a track record of success and a sound strategy for the future. Our broad-based operations include the exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas in the U.S. and internationally. Committed to superior performance and returns, we measure success in the value we deliver to our investors, business partners and employees. Economikr has rendered services to Noble Energy in energy economics, including electricity and natural gas, while under subcontract to Economic Models Ltd. A sample of these projects are presented below.

Survey of Natural Gas Distribution Market in Israel

This project entailed estimating the demand from natural gas plants of varying sizes throughout Israel. It also included possible supply sources, constraints, and estimating costs for different sized organizations. 

Estimation Model of Natural Gas Demand in Israel

This comprehensive project estimated the demand for natural gas from various sources - Israel Electric Corporation (including replacing coal electricity supply with natural gas), direct industrial demand, cogeneration for large scale plants such as Israel Chemicals, American Israel Paper Mills (AIPM), and Independent Private Producer (IPP) demand, such as Dorad. The project included production estimation of electricity production using traditional production fuels. The estimates were based on the national electricity demand forecast, market distribution between Noble Energy and Egyptian gas, and estimating sales revenue under various price structures. 

Evaluating the Market Structure between Israeli Gas, Palestinian Gas, Egyptian Gas, LNG, and Pipeline Gas from Russia

This project focused on the current gas source alternatives for the Israeli market – self-supplied gas, supplies from British Gas from Palestinian gas fields, Liquefied Natural Gas supplied from Africa and other locales, and undersea pipeline gas supplied by Russia via Turkey. Each of these supply sources have a different minimal quantity and a cost, linked to different benchmarks such as previously existing agreements, market prices such as Henry Hub, and different types of infrastructure investments required to receive the gas – such as gas terminals and regasification plants. The evaluation included determining the possible equilibrium between the relevant supply and demand for changing prices and supply sources.  

Evaluating Market Structure of the Electricity Market in Israel

[new] The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), a government monopoly, is the main supplier of electricity in Israel. In this project specifically for the IEC to determine the current electricity market structure, was based on demand and supply (including renewable energy), and various regulations. This project represented the first ever attempt to evaluate a market structure that included a new player, the Independent Private Producers, in a market previously dominated by the IEC. 

Development of a New Electricity Price Model in Israel

This project, based on the Israeli Electricity Regulation Authority (PUA) price model, included estimating the overall electricity demand and developing an investment plan at the macro-economic level. The model created for this project was used to estimate future electricity prices in Israel over the next two decades (2010-2030). These 


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