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The Israel Corporation

The Israel Corporation

Israel Corporation Ltd. (“Israel Corp.”) is one of the largest holding companies in Israel, owning ORL, ICL, and Tower Semiconductors, a global player with 50% of its manufacturing activities and close to 70% of its consolidated revenues derived from worldwide operations. Its core holdings focus on industries that meet basic human, industrial and economic needs: fertilizers and specialty chemicals, energy, shipping and transportation. Economikr has performed economic valuations, purchase price allocations (PPA), and economic feasibility studies for energy and electricity production plants for the Israel Corporation under subcontract to Economic Models Ltd. Sample projects are presented below.

Economic Feasibility Study of Possible Energy Configurations for the Israeli Chemical Corporation

This study was created for the Israel Chemical Corporation, one of the world’s leading exporters of phosphates, potash and specialized fertilizers, and performed under the auspices of Economic Models. The study included developing cash flows based on different types of plants and various financial alternatives, including PFI. 

Evaluating Israel Oil Refineries (ORL) Production and Sales Model

ORL, whose controlling interest is owned by the Israel Corporation, is Israel’s leading importer of various types of oil that lead to the development of oil-based products, including gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, bitumen, fuel oil, and fuel additives. As ORL is a government-regulated entity, this project specifically required evaluating current government regulatory requirements. This study including the usage of regression to predict future prices of various types of crude oil based on trends and market shocks. 

Economic Feasibility Study of an Electricity Plant in Mishor Rotem, Israel

This project was performed under the auspices of Economic Models for the Israel Corporation, a multi-billion dollar investment company engaged in the initiation, promotion and development of businesses in Israel. This high-level project included a feasibility study based on several types of sales models directed to end-consumers, with operation as a separate entity under the Israel Electric Corporation. The study included electricity price forecasts and risk analyses based on two types of fuel for electricity production – natural gas and fuel oil. 

Estimating Economic Potential of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in Israel

Supported by Israel Oil Refineries (who is partially owned by the Israel Corporation), and performed under the auspices of Economic Models, this project included a survey of world supply and demand sources, and estimating the economic profitability of importing LNG to Israel to produce electricity.

Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) for Tower Semiconductor

This project, performed for Israel Corp who owns Tower Semiconductor, was based on Tower’s chip sales and expansion plans, in order to estimate the fair value of Israel Corp investment in Tower, according to IFRS accounting rules recently adopted in Israel.


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